Wednesday, October 25, 2006

travels with myself & another

Reaching the end of a couple of fairly grueling weeks of working full shifts at two different companies. Like many people holed up in offices, I daydream of travel--of getting away to where life & beauty are happening. (OK, life is happening right here in these grey & black corporate hallways, but it's preferable not to think about that much.) Lucky to be a freelancer, because if I want to work a bunch all at once & then take off, well, I can. This setup has given me the chance to drive across the U.S. with another four times in recent years, taking different routes on each occasion but always holding to our philosophy of avoiding the freeways as much as possible in favor of small roads & towns. Never in possession of more than a general plan ("Let's check out the South" would be about the extent of it), we'd stop whenever something caught our interest (which, in my case, usually meant getting out a camera). Once the sun went down we'd keep our eyes out for motels with VACANCY signs. With that in mind, I'll start to put up some photographs from these journeys...& hope it won't be too long before it's time to get out the maps again.


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